One of the most important topics of 2014 has been data. As the impact of data has started to change businesses and organizations with accelerated pace, we at Okimo Clinic have been working with different opportunities this change is bringing to companies. New social channels, technologies and ways of consuming social media have made it even more important to measure and optimise content.

The increased emphasis on data has been important for organizations also at tactical level. In connection to social media, demand for analytics driven insights has been emphasized during 2014. Continuous measurement as a strategic tool is an effective way support decision-making behind content creation.

We at Okimo Clinic have been working hard this year to deliver services that harness social media data in an actionable way. One of the latest measurement projects we’ve worked on was Okimo Impact measurement framework that we used to identify the Finnish top ICT influencers in social media.

New social channels bring new possibilities

New services pop up constantly and companies need to acknowledge that it is no longer about channels or segments. It’s more about content and context. In Finland, we have seen Instagram really hitting it off during the past year. We’ve studied Finnish brands in Instagram and have seen a growing amount of brands adopting the channel into their social channel mix this year. Also in our analysis work, Instagram has been seen as the best channel to reach potential clients.

From measurement point of view, visual channels bring whole new set of challenges. It’s far more difficult to interpret visual content than text.

Think mobile-first!

According to a recent research on major social networks by Business Insider, approximately 60% of the time in social media is spent on mobile, not on desktop computers. This means that companies need to think mobile-first when planning their social media activities. Content and messages need to be easy to consume and services such Instagram are perfect examples of a social networks that are focused on easy-to-digest mobile friendly content that can easily be consumed on-the-go.

All in all, it’s been a great year for social media and we’re looking forward to new challenges and developments that the new year brings. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on some of them after the holidays!

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