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280 characters: Twitter boosts tweet lengths (for some)

Some exciting (and controversial) news recently surfaced on Twitter. One of the company’s founders — Biz Stone — officially announced that tests of a new, higher character limit have begun. It has not been decided if this feature will eventually go live, but Twitter is looking into offering 280-character tweets. The reasoning behind this is…

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Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow

Autumn is evidently the time social media networks blossom, as two platforms just announced big milestones. First was Pinterest. The company revealed that it now has 200 million monthly active users (up from 175 million in April). This might not be the gigantic user base Facebook boasts, but the platform is clearly becoming a more and…

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Instagram brings polls to Stories

The Facebook-owned Instagram is introducing a new, interesting feature — interactive poll stickers for Stories. These let users ask any kind of question and receive votes from friends and followers alike. At the moment, two-option polls are available, allowing users to share their opinion in a quick and easy way. Here is how it works:…

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OMG – Okimo’s Monthly Goodies #8

OMG, someone please go wake up Green Day. September has ended! Now that we’ve gotten the bad jokes out of the way, let’s talk about what we were actually up to last month. It’s been a fast-paced month filled with exciting client projects. We’ve produced videos that made people cry, posts that made people laugh…

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